Ebullient Youth Development Initiative for Africa
...discovering a continent flying in valour
Know Who We Are

Message from the Founder

Ebullient Youth Development Initiative for Africa (EYuDI-Africa) came to be in the year 2009 following registration/Affiliation with networks of NGOs and subsequent incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 25th June 2012. We are affliated to NYNETHA and National Youth Council of Nigeria (N.Y.C.N). EYuDI-Africa emerged in my aspiration and conviction that we can build a home, nation, continent and world filled with peace and prosperity; as much as we effectively harness our God given resources – human and natural. My belief and conviction that we can build peace and prosperity is not something we acquire by just believing. It's a value to attain by holistically addressing the attitude of our contemporary, particularly the young people who are highly influenced by the societal values.

EYuDI-Africa has evolved out of the need and passion to inspire, coordinate and mobilize young people, who are patriotic, truthful, honest, hardworking and disciplined; who will vehemently strive to maintain Peace and Development, especially in African countries. These ebullient and irrepressible young people shall uphold civilized manners and democratic principles, resist malpractices or manipulation of a just system and struggle for moral, socio-cultural and economic regeneration of their contemporaries. It is also my belief that when these transformational ebullient young people drive the needed change process across the continent, it would be done with great creativity, innovation, zeal, and result.

EYuDI-Africa shall continuously ensure that on-going programs run to enhance: wealth creation, employment generation, and entrepreneurship development. EYuDI-Africa shall also serve as a role model to aspiring transformational ebullient youths across the continent, through our programs and sustainability strategies of effective youth development and empowerment. EYuDI-Africa shall not relent in providing leadership and training for African youths to imbibe and enforce the culture of self-reliance, professionalism, patriotism, democracy and good governance. I wish to commend the efforts of our committed Board of Trustee, Management Board, Country Management Teams, State Management Teams, Volunteers, Consultants, Affiliates, Partners and Donors in our collective believe that we can build a society where peace and prosperity has high rating. Victor P.O. Uchedienyi, ASM Executive Director

Vision Statement

To build a continent of resourceful, patriotic and self-reliant youth.

Mission Statement

To mobilize, coordinate and empower youth/vulnerable women of youthful age towards building a prosperous continent.

Our Passion

  • Building transformational leaders that will enhance the prosperity of our people and continent
  • Generating and advocating for employment opportunities.
  • Raising African youths, who are poised to be peaceful, patriotic and self-reliant.

Our Goals

  • To mobilize and coordinate African youth towards self reliance.
  • To inspire and harness potentials in young people.
  • To inculcate leadership principles amongst African youth.
  • To educate youth on health related issues and positive life-style.
  • To promote reading culture and eradication illiteracy amongst youth.
  • To impart skills, promote creativity and innovation amongst youth.
  • To advocate against harmful practices, violations and abuse of vulnerable women.
  • To give guidance and counseling to young people.
  • To kick against human right violation in Africa.


  • Chairman: Great Daniels
  • Secretary/Founder: Victor P.O. Uchedienyi(ASM)
  • Member: Hajiya Maimuna Mohammed
  • Member: Barr. Henry C. Nwafor
  • Member: Vivian Adaeze Aniagboso
  • Member: Happiness Onye


  • Executive Director: Victor P.O. Uchedienyi(ASM)
  • Inter-Country Coordinator and Advocate: Happiness Onye
  • Relationship and Administrative Manager: Nwatu Ejike Michael
  • Program Manager : Emmanuel Obuna
  • Finance Manager : Ogbu Mike Uchenna
  • Implementation and Impact Assessment Manager : Okwuise Onyeka Valentine
  • Senior Legal Advocate : Barr. Henry C. Nwafor

Our Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Good Leadership
  • Governance
  • Patriotism
  • Peace
  • Professionalism
  • Resourcefulness
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Self-Reliance
  • Sustainable Development