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@ UNIQUE SEARCH ENGINE, designed with the objective of helping you find case law authority at a glance, without sweating. How? When you search for a needed subject, only relevant/useful result will be given to you from the Comprehensive Index of subject matter of all the years. That is, the searched words are not picked from everywhere thereby creating stress and delay for you in finding your needed case law authority. The KLR EV is not a scroll but would maintain book format of the hard copy with page, and B, C, D,… paragraph reference. There would be liberty to copy/paste in your work, and or print out the authority for delivery to court.

@ ALL SC/NOVEL CA SINCE 1993 unto current weekly/monthly publication of Supreme Court and Novel Court of Appeal Decisions with automatic periodic update upon yearly advance subscription, with NWLR alternate citation.


ALL, BEING REPORTED WITH THE KLR UNIQUE SUBJECT INDEX STYLE. It enables one determine relevance of a judicial authority from the subject index that is rendered as a direct statement of the law not as a question. Such that one can find needed case law authority in few minutes. E.g. Instead of the usual … APPEALS - Retrial - Where trial court fails to make proper use of the opportunity of seeing the witnesses - Whether appellate court would order a retrial. KLR, at a stage started rendering it thus: APPEALS - Retrial - Failure of trial Court to make proper use of the opportunity of seeing the witnesses - Appellate court will not ascribe credibility to the witnesses - But would order a retrial (H5) This added (H5) is now taking one straight from the Index to the exact relevant HOLDING no. 5
While SC/Novel CA remain the 1st port of call for litigation, the other added decisions will be useful where one's judicial authority need was not met here. And as to provide research materials for academic/other research labours. The entire materials will not be mixed up as ALL SC/Novel CA shall remain distinct. And one can engage our different search engines.

While the ALL SC KLR EV keeps running, the other areas will be growing gradually as we receive materials or notice of where to source them from subscribers. E.g., it is as a Judge gives us his novel decision on rare FACTS, without clear judicial authorities, or as lawyers make their copies of such CA, HC, etc., judgments available to us, that we would be having what to publish under the relevant columns.

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