Barr. Obidike Okolo

Meet the astute and trustworthy advocate currently running to represent Igbo-Etiti /Uzo-Uwani Federal Constituency nation in the National Assembly

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My Story

My sojourn in life and where I stand today is a function of providence,the privileges and opportunities afforded me by God Almighty, as well as the people He has placed around me as family, friends, and associates. I remain eternally grateful. I am humbled by the privilege of the experience I have garnered over time; it recalls the obvious needs, inequities,injustices bedeviling the society, and helplessly begging for answers and solutions. Sadly, our society which is overflowing with competent,vibrant and passionate young men and women with dreams, visions and hope of a better society who are fiercely excluded from contributing their own quota to nation building. This, amongst others, are motivation to offer my humble self to serve you in Legislative capacity. Our people have severally mismanaged the opportunities of putting our best foot forward, hence, dwelling on primordial considerations that have robbed our people of quality and responsive representation at virtually all levels of political leadership in Nigeria. The consequence today is the level of poverty never experienced in the history of the nation, unemployment, poor, inadequate and/or absence of infrastructure, poor education, and sadly, unimaginable level of insecurity across the nation.Certainly, we cannot do the same thing over, and over again, and expect a different result. We can no longer afford the luxury of repeating old mistakes, hence, the time to get it right is NOW!!!

My Manifesto

  1. To vigorously represent the core interests of the people of Uzo-Uwani and Igbo-Etiti in Parliament, especially the youth, women, and people with disabilities.

  2. Through constituency projects, I will attract quality infrastructure that will boost the education sector of Uzo-uwani and Igbo-etiti.

  3. Through constituency projects, I will attract quality infrastructure that will boost the health sector.

  4. I will return the people of Uzo-uwani and Igbo-etiti as the real government and not spectators, by listening to, and addressing their concerns through sponsoring bills, making laws, influencing policies, regulations, budgets and programs and oversight functions that will directly and positively impact on their lives.

  5. I will strike strategic partnerships with local and international organizations in proving relevant skill acquisitions centers in Uzo-uwani and Igbo-etiti to make our young people employable and financially independent.

  6. Through constituency projects, I will attract quality infrastructure that will boost the electrification of Uzo-uwani and Igbo-etiti.

  7. Through constituency projects, I will attract road projects that will help open up the hinterlands and in turn open up the economy of Uzo-uwani and Igbo-etiti by improving easy vehicular movement and transportation/ haulage of goods and services in our constituency.

  8. I will give priority attention and the right exposure to farming, and with strategic partnership with local and international institutions, we shall improve production by introducing mechanized farming, thereby boosting the economy of our people

  9. I will set up an effective constituency office through which the concerns of our people are listened to and addressed in government through parliamentary interventions.

  10. Through strategic partnership, I will reduce crimes and criminality in our constituency by providing platforms that will serve as a strand to pull on by our youth, in advancing their dreams and aspirations in life.

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