• Aqua Rapha Drinking Water

    Quench your thirst in a refreshing way

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Enjoy our premium drinks and be completely satisfied

  • Rapha Yoghurt

    Enjoy the creamy goodness rich in calcuim and vitamin B

  • Rapha Cooking Oil

    Now you know the real taste and colour of food

Rapha Yoghurt

We churn out about 30 batches of yoghurt per day. Yoghurt is packaged in bottles of 35cl and 50cl; Crates of 12 bottles each and shrink wrapped in transparent nylon, the 21st century packaging mode.

Rapha Soft Drink

This is a new product line just completed. It produces various types of Carbonated Soft Drinks with state-of-art Machinery.

Table Water

This is packaged in bags of twenty sachets using low density films for the sachets while the packing bags is a combination of high and low density.

Bottle Water

Bottled Water is ozonized and packed in three sizes of 50cl, 75cl and 150cl. They are hygienically packaged in crates of 12 bottles each except for 150cl that are packaged in crate of 6 bottles.

Who We Are

Aqua Rapha Investment Nigeria Limited was incorporated on 7th November 2003 (RC 498461) as a private limited liability company. AQUA RAPHA was coined from two words. AQUA is a Latin word for water while RAPHA is a Hebrew word for healing hence AQUA RAPHA implies Healing Water a product which has its foundation in God the Holy Spirit.

    Quality is our Watch Word. We give our custommers the best of quality they can get. "The best Quality!" that's what we offer

  • reliability

    We have worked hard to gain our customers trust by producing relaible products all through the years

  • affordability

    Our Products are affordable to all. We try as mush as possible to moderate the price of our products

  • satisfaction

    Most importantly our aim is to satisfy our customers need by any right and possible means

Our Mission

Aqua Rapha Investment Nigeria Limited is destined to producing quality products at affordable prices to the general public. Taking the.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be a conglomerate of international repute.


Aqua Rapha Investment Nigeria Limited Have over 48 major Distributors of their products all over the Nation