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BRICK DATA is all about business eficiency. We are commited to the re-organisation and re-engineering of business processes to enhance productivity, reduce leakages and boost revenue. We believe in the analysis of business using latest information & computer technologies to guide key management decisions

At Brick Data we crunch data, recognise patterns and provide predictions based on feasible probability.

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  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Business & Technical Consultancy
  • Information & Computer Technology
  • Product Research and Development

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Our Approach

BRICK DATA relies heavily on data analysis and our approach revolves around it. We make sure we sit down with our client to understand their business processes. Usually, we collect a lot of data generated from the business processes for analysis. Next, we engineer a solution model and conduct A/B test on the business to see if the new model creates better business processes. The analysis of the results of these test forms our key advisory decisions.
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