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About Us
The Calvary Foundation International Incorporated (Golgothas), was established in 1975 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Calvary Foundation, otherwise called GOLGOTHAS, in Greek language is recognized by the Greek Government and registered with Hellenic Aid of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece.

It is incorporated in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is non-political.
The organisation has the following aims and objectives:
1. To assist needy and developing countries in the areas of Social and Economic Development, Education, Human Rights, Natural and Alternative Medicines and Science and Technology.

2. To fight poverty and create jobs for youths and unemployed people through gainful skills and professional training.

Programme & Events
The Calvary Foundation Institute of Technology, (with target the unskilled youths of AFRICA and developing countries). The Institute is a tertiary institution which aims at offering the youths of Africa and developing countries the opportunity of acquiring technical and vocational education for self and gainful employment. Courses are offered in many vocations with emphasis on Engineering Technology involving Mechanical, Civil, Electrical/Electronics and Automobile, Computer Technology, Agricultural Science, and Entrepreneurship and Business Management.
As a humanitarian organization, the Calvary Foundation International has been involved in so many humanitarian and philanthropic activities since inception. It has sent relief materials, food aid and medicines to many disaster areas, hospitals, refugee camps, orphanages and old peoples' homes in Africa and developing countries. It has awarded more than five thousand scholarships to indigent students of Africa for their Elementary, Secondary and University education. It has collaborated with UNICEF, and other International, Regional and Local NGOs to organize workshops and activities for public benefit. It has successfully organized youth leadership seminars for African youths for more than twenty years. It has successfully co-sponsored Civic Education and other public-benefit projects with USAID in Nigeria