Daughters of Divine Love Juniorate Enugu

Daughters of Divine Love Juniorate Enugu

Daughters of Divine Love Juniorate

About Us

Our Aim and Objective

The father founder was rector of a junior seminary, a male juniorate before he was made a bishop. It was a concept he was converted to with and he knows the value of the saying,'catch them young'. He was aware of what could be got from the juniorate and believed that after the training , if one did not succeed in the being a religious/clergy , the person would at least be a good citizen .

History of DDL Juniorate

The father founder of the daughters of divine love is bishop Godfrey Mary Paul Okoye, cssp. of happy memory. He was born on the 15th of December 1915 at Ifite Ukpo now known as Ifitedunu in Anambra state. Nwafor as he was then called, was the the last child of his mother 's eight children – five boys three girls . His father Nwazulu okoye was a man of outstanding moral integrity and championd the cause of truth in his community while his mother Adaoji Okoye was highly respected and honored woman in the locality. Nwafor was baptized with the name Godfry. After his primary school education , he was made a pupils teacher in the same school because of his performance and behavior. though he got scholarship to further his education in Ibadan , he preferred to go to the seminary in Igbariam. By the time he was due for ordination many death had occurred in his family which left him as the only male child .

Against all human logic, persuation, weeping, criticisms, pleading, intimidation, cajoling, promises, etc from his mother, relations and friends, he stood firm in his cherished vocations to the priesthood and was supported by his mentor, Fr. Cyprain Tansi (now blessed Cyprain Iwene Tansi). Godfrey was ordinate 27th July 1947. He also wanted consecrate himself tottaly to God and thus joined the holy ghost congregation in November 1950 and after going through the novitiate in Ireland, he made his first profession in 1951 as the first West African member of the congregation on 3rd September, 1961 , he was consecrated the first bishop of Port Harcourt diocese. He became a refugee moving from place to place during the Nigeria and Biafra war . At this time , his diplomacy, astuteness, dynamism , benevolence, compassion hard-work ,genuine and self sacrificing love for humankind manifested itself as he moved from one rickety plane to another in search of food and drink for the poor hungry refugees and displaced men , women and children. It was also during this time that he founded the congregation of Divine love. Those who were going to be model of life of love , bearing counter witness counter witness to the violence , hatred and man's inhumanity to man in the society especially during the period of war . After the war in 1970, the holy see appointed him second bishop of Enugu diocese. Both the diocese of port Harcourt and Enugu are still reaping the fruits of this energetic, dynamic , wise, foresighted go-gutter , prince of the church and man of God .it was during his tenure as bishop of Enugu that he died after a minor surgery and a brief illness on March 17th, 1977. May he rest in peace ,Amen . The daughters and all who knew him are looking forward to his canonization as a recognized saint of the church.

Our Facilities

Provisions of the millennium state of the art facilities and equipments for teaching and learning; through full computerisation of operations, internet connectivity and provision of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Available Facilities include:

  • A well stocked Library with e-library facility
  • A state of the art en-suite accommodation
  • Wireless internet facility on campus
  • Indoor and outdoor sporting facilities
  • Character Development curriculum
  • Talent search and Entrepreneurial skill
  • Acquisition programmes
  • A clinic with Doctor on-call
  • Well equipped laboratory and spacious