E-Ticketing Software

We provide simple solutions for Complete registration and daily ticketing in markets, supermarkets shops from large to small scale.

Capacity Building

We offer and organize Training and seminars in different fields of ICT and also organize capacity building training for our students.

Electronic ID Cards (e-ID)

Customized smart cards for identification and staff attendance for government establishments, Corporate organisations, industries, firms, schools and colleges.

Who We Are


  Resources was founded in 2006 by an Oracle Certified professional with vast experience in diverse fields, especially in Information Technology with broad experiences in Software system integration, electronic identity management and system developmental training.
  Emuban Resources management, technical, marketing and support staff have diverse experiences in IT and Communications industry. The staffs have come to ER with diverse business and technical expertise which gives company the strength to implement many applications and communication network systems, in manufacturing, distribution, financial, educational and public sector industries. Emuban Resources continues to broaden its expertise through training programs for all employees.

Our Vision and Mission

  Our mission is to achieve a front-line position as a provider of computer software, networking, smart cards and other consulting services of the technologies of information science.

  The Board of this company is made up of dedicated and experienced and certified professionals. At the staff level, we have an enthusiastic and happy workforce. Our client base is very satisfactory and growing.