Activities of ESRD
Going Rural Clean

We ensure that rural communitiies are kept clean to prevent outbreak of diseases. We try to achieve our aim by orgainising seminars and special sanitization days in these rural communities.

ESRD Community

We enlist communities that serves as sample communities of our sustainable development project. We look forward to having more communities imbibe the spirit of conserving rural enviroment.

Visiting Rural Areas

Our team visit rural communities to educate them on the need to conserve natural environment. We are preaching the go green message and we hope that people will adher to it.

News And Events
Sept. 15TH
ESRD form a rural vistation commitee

In furthrance of the objectives of our NGO we have formed a commitee that will visit rural communities and educate them on new ways to conserve the environment...

Sept. 22ND
Creation of rural women education team

ESRD has formed a formidable team to visit communities and lecture them on how to sustain the enviroment we hope that our effort in this direction will yield better development

About Us
ESDR is a non-governmental organisation with the mandate to organise rural communities towards sustainable development and clean environment

We carry out our mandate by visiting rural communities and educating them through seminars and public outreach. We believe that education is the key so we try to bring the message of sustainable development to the communities at an early stage by joining hands with the rural schools in teaching kids about the enviroment. We also organise a sanitation day to fully impact the communities and teach practical way to make sure that our enviroment is clean, green and safe.