• About the Software An integrated Land Informantion management
    portal capable of handling all necessary land
    administration processes.
  • Cutting Edge Technology Land Manager is designed using the
    latest technology to improve user experience
    and ease of general land administration.
  • 24/7 Support Round the clock customer support to help
    resolve issues on the use of the portal.
  • Online Property search and allocation Land Manager offers your state or local government
    the ability to use online platform for property searches
    and ehanced ease of land administration.
Land Manager is a land information management system designed to function like normal your organisation do. A simple and intuitive interface which brings together the tools users & administrators need, while also keeping landowners connected and informed.

Who Are The Users?

Land Owners
Land Manager gives you the freedom to search for what you want,when you want. Land searching is simple and more fun on Land Manager Platform. Learn more...
Land Administrators
Easy result allocation, transaction registry and survey information available in a few clicks. Learn more...
Land Ministry
Manage your ministry from anywhere, with any device. Land Manager is very flexible and can be fully customized to meet specific needs of land administrators. Learn more...

Manage Effectively

About Land Manager

Land Manager is the premier land information management solution, that can hand all features of modern land administration.
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Our Customers

Over the years, Land Manager has helped so many state and county governments in different countries to improve on their land administrative efficiency, increase their productivity and prestige.
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