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"Knowledge is power, ignorant is a disease". This refrain is well acknowledged based on experience; and it buttresses the serious need for an institution for acquiring knowledge. It is in response to the above all-time statement that the institution for post primary education known as Saint Patrick's College came into existence.
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In St. Patricks College, Emene, we have made our admisssion processs easy for you. Our school administration has been optimized using our Educational Portal to create an easy flow of learning processes. You now have more control of your education....read more

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Checking results in St. Patricks College, Emene for our students is very easy, convenient and efficient using LinkSkool. The Life Learning College's Educational Portal creates an easy flow of learning processes. You can easily access your results online....read more


61 years on, St. Patrick College Emene celebrates 2021 feast of St. Patrick with glamour

For 61 years, St, Patrick College, Emene has continued to stand tall and espouse the very virtues of the patron Saint, St. Patrick which they are na... ...read more news