Together We Can Help
Welcome to the official website of The Universal Career Discovery and Development Initiative (UCDDI). Our Website showcases our programme and events. As a social venture philanthropist, UCDDI is poised in changing lives of many Nigerians and Africans at large. We hope to partner with you.
Our Profile

UCDDI is a non governmental/humanitarian organization that is set-up to help reduce poverty, unemployment and fight HIV/AIDS in the society, through skill/career training, support for education, information circulation and HIV/AIDS education. We are focusing on less privileged women; youths and vulnerable children.

This organization has been fully registered with the Cooperate Affairs
Commission (CAC) Nigeria with the registration number RC 37076 and with the
Ministry of Gender Affairs Enugu State, Nigeria in the year 2010.



Our Programme
We provide extra-career training program for people to have opportunities to make a new choice of career or additional career to the one they do to meet their basic needs.
UCDDI organises capacity building workshop for women and youths twice in a year. This is done for them to improve in their capacities in their various skills and careers.