Association of Wawa Patriotic Professionals is an organization for the upliftment of WAWA people. We welcome professionals with zeal to contribute in making WAWALAND a better place.

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About Us
ASSOCIATION OF WAWA PATRIOTIC PROFESSIONALS (AWPP) is an association of selected professionals of Enugu state and Ebonyi state extraction committed to reengineering the change needed in revolutionizing community leadership and economic growth among wawa people through sustainable human capital and community development programmes.

The pioneer members of the association identified themselves while they were in the University. Together in the University, they successfully championed certain worthy goals that were of interest to students of Enugu state and the University at large. The pioneer members have worked and gained significant experience with impact in various fields including Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Telecommunication, Real Estate, Information Technology, politics, Agriculture etc

Our Vision

To model an economically viable WAWA community enriched with human capital where every individual is guaranteed access to basic needs with an enabling environment to reach the zenith of his potentials, worthy dreams and aspirations.


  1. Patriotism
  2. Professionalism
  3. Integrity
  4. Impact.

Our Mission
  1. To identify and address the needs and challenges of the people of WAWALAND through our professions and forthrightness in collaboration with identified partners.
  2. To partner with all willing stakeholders towards making maximum positive impact in the life of people of WAWA LAND.
Our Objectives
  1. To promote good relationship among AWPP members with a view to fostering a strong spirit of brotherhood , fair play, equity ,justice and mutual respect among Wawa people ,irrespective of religion, sex, social status, community of origin.
  2. To promote professionalism, patriotism and integrity among WAWA people.
  3. To promote, encourage and maintain peace, unity and development in WAWA land.
  4. To promote, encourage, and sustain the economic, political , moral and socio-cultural heritage of WAWA people.
  5. To utilize our professional skills and expertise to promote and execute projects in consultation with other professionals for the well being and development of entire people of WAWA Land.
  6. To liaise, where necessary, with international, federal, state and local authorities or other organization in initiating, supporting, maintaining and executing developmental programmes, whether social, economic, educational, health , cultural etc for the overall benefit and welfare of WAWA people.
  7. To enlighten WAWA people on their civic rights and responsibilities and obligation on community development.
Our Projects
The Association of Wawa Patriotic Professionals, has been committed to reengineer the change needed in revolutionizing community leadership and economic growth among wawa people, hence has developed sustainable programmes targeted at:-
  1. Attracting in the next five years, a minimum of 1000 SMEs in WAWALAND, with each having a minimum of 50 staff strength.
  2. Supporting the provision of a least one basic amenity in each autonomous communities in WAWALAND in the next five years.
  3. Building a world class Center for Research on SME and Community Development in WAWALAND.
Upcoming Seminar
As part of our Q4 activities, we have scheduled to organize a seminar/workshop as follows:
THEME: Development Of Wawa Communities; Our Collective Responsibility.
SUBTHEMES: Building Business In Wawa Land:
  1. Pivot for wealth creation and economic advancement
  2. Providing leadership for effective community development in wawa land, the role of town unions.
  3. Building business in wawa land opportunities and prospects.

Goal: To equip and empower community leaders and participants to stimulate actions for effective community development projects and SME promotion in their communities