Project Quick Fix

Project Quick-Fix is our pet project for the poor, hungry and destitute children of various selected communities; meeting their basic and immediate needs such as food, clothings, health care and dental supplies. This project goes on twice every year and is funded by the NGO and other individual philantropists.

Rehabilitation Center Visitation

As part of our resolve to be the first point of call for assistance of the under-priveledged and socially deprived women and children, we visit rehabilitation centers every year, supplying them with neccessary provisions of life and encouraging them towards taking vocational skills.

Help to the physically and mentally challenged

We undertake the task of rehabilitation of mentally challenged women. These women having been sleeping on the street and at the mercy of ritual killers, rapist and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS. We have picked them up with the help of the police, and given them care through our medical personnel. We have also continued to supply them with drugs till the time when they are finally reuinited with thier families. We continue to monitor how these women thrive in their enviroment.