Project Quick-Fix

Project Quick-Fix is our pet project for the poor, hungry and destitute children of various selected communities; meeting their basic and immediate needs such as food, clothings, health care and dental supplies. This project goes on twice every year and is funded by the NGO and other individual philantropists.

Project Background

Poverty is a situation or condition where one is unable to purchase or acquire the bare necessities of life like food, clothing, shelter, health care and education. Poverty exists not only in Nigeria but in every nation of the world. Most developed countries in the world like United States, Japan, Uk, France have developed and adopted specific welfare programmes to cater for their poor. Social welfare programmes like unemployment and social benefits are usually made available to those that qualify to meet their specific needs.

But on the contrary, in developing countries like Nigeria, a coherent formulation and implementation of economic development and poverty eradication policy have not seen the light of day, resulting in 60% of the population living below the poverty line. Most times when people complain about hardship, it is not really that they do not know how to eventually survive. What worries them is how to immediately stay alive till they reach the land of milk and honey. Nothing pushes people into crime more than desperation, and this is where Project Quick-fix comes in.

The long-term solution to poverty in Nigeria is a well thought-out mechanized and capital intensive agricultural and industrial schemes and the provision of a sustainable social welfare scheme based on the return of the industrialisation scheme. But, in the interim, what happens to the hungry poor?

This is the idea behind Project Quick-fix.

Project Goal

To improve lifestyles of our under-priviledged children, creating a more comfortable and happier child for a brighter future.

Project Sponsorship

The project is sponsored for now solely by SHATWON, but, we are reaching for funding to sustain this project.